Collage, Stones and Coding

By Anita Murphy / February 24, 2021 /

Monday 15th February 2021 I’ve been thinking about doing some collage work as a regular thing.  Maybe set myself a challenge of 100 pieces of collage compositions.  That seems doable.  Can too many challenges be too much of a good thing.  I already have three on the: of painting in blue, 60 days of painting…

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Long absence – no excuses!

By Anita Murphy / August 23, 2016 /

I’ve been long absent from my blog – no excuses.  I noticed that my last blog post was saying how I had not posted in a while!  Well, things obviously didn’t change.   Over recent weeks I have spent more time painting (minus a two week break during the Olympics!) and I thought I would…

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Old Seascape

By Anita Murphy / February 9, 2009 /

Seascape, acrylic on panel (seriously old piece!) I may not be creating but I have got down to a number of things on my admin list (getting good at one hand typing!).Ordered business cards with image on one side and name, website and email address on the other.Also postcards and greeting cards. A number of…

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By Anita Murphy / January 28, 2009 /

Acrylic on Panel. In rescuing files on my computer I found this image of a painting I did in my first year in University for a project called “Autobiography”. I’ve been reading on a couple of blogs about studies and it has echoed what I have been reading in books lately. Without exception they all…

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