By Anita Murphy / July 17, 2011 /

Meadows bordered with trees, filled with wild flowers, the warmth of the sun and smell of grass filling the air – my idea of heaven!

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By Anita Murphy / March 10, 2009 /

As promised some spring photos – didn’t spend much time taking these, would have liked to have much longer but was lucky enough to catch the bumble bee making his rounds. The blossom is just about to come out on the citrus trees so there will be more pictures of that when it opens. I…

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By Anita Murphy / December 11, 2008 /

I needed to do something different tonight – hard day at work called for something expressive. Trying to keep in my head all that I have learned in the last week but finally being overcome by colour. If I have it right, the greatest contrasts in value should be in the foreground and the further…

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