By Anita Murphy / July 17, 2011 /

Meadows bordered with trees, filled with wild flowers, the warmth of the sun and smell of grass filling the air – my idea of heaven!

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Getting to Grips

By Anita Murphy / June 26, 2011 /

Amazed to find myself painting for the second time in one week – this is beginning to become a habit! Its so nice to wake up in the morning and find myself really looking forward to working on something. “It is better to take many small steps in the right direction than to make a…

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By Anita Murphy / June 23, 2011 /

Oil on Canvas, 16″ x 16″ Finding my feet, slowly ………………… Trying to learn to be patient, not only with the paint, but also with myself. Suffering from that one two steps forward, one step back but hoping that taking it slowly will bring greater rewards. Trees as usual causing me heartache. “Patience is the…

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By Anita Murphy / July 15, 2009 /

I haven’t posted anything for months – been in a hiatus. Working on tweaking a number of pieces by “warping the negative space” and finding the method extremely interesting. The Backboard is one piece that I have produced – somewhat more graphic than my previous pieces. I was drawn to the shadows and shapes here…

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Painting the Forth Bridge

By Anita Murphy / February 20, 2009 /

The Forth Bridge is a cantilever bridge that stretches over the Firth of Forth in Scotland. The story goes that painting it is never-ending – as soon as one coat is finished the maintenance crew goes back to the beginning and starts all over again. I begin to feel the same way about this painting.…

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By Anita Murphy / January 31, 2009 /

Today was plein air day – I ummd and ahhd as to whether to go and was given the push by my husband. Had a lot of fun – time flies painting outside! I really wanted to try painting with a limited palette but I am not sure that I succeeded. I still had way…

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Orange and Black

By Anita Murphy / January 26, 2009 /

oil on canvas, 10″ x 10″ I’ve had a lovely day off today – didn’t accomplish as much as I had hoped but on your birthday its good just to chill a little! I have been really enjoying doing reflections so thought I would tackle this mug again. I thought lemons were hard to paint…

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Jefferson Memorial

By Anita Murphy / January 21, 2009 /

Oil on Canvas, 8″ x 8″ My first contribution to the “Different Strokes from Different Folks” Blog run by Karin Jurick. I’ve been looking at this image for a week or so, ummming and aaaaahing about whether to try it out. I have to admit that its not an image that I would normally paint.…

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Three Quarters Mutiplied by Two

By Anita Murphy / January 17, 2009 /

Pastel, 24″ x 16″Oil on canvas, 10″ x 8″I can see looking at this photo that I need to tone down the rear quarter of orange – the colour is too saturated and brings it foreward.Both these pieces were fun to do and it was interesting doing the two pieces with different mediums. I really…

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Green and Black

By Anita Murphy / January 14, 2009 /

10″ x 10″, oil on canvasTempting fate by putting another apple in this set-up. Quite enjoying playing with green here – never thought I would hear myself say that! More fun with the reflections. I forgot to say yesterday about how I came by the apples. The wonderful secretary in my office, Maria, bought them…

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