On the Horizon

By Anita Murphy / July 19, 2010 /

Continuing my self-portrait exploration. Its not what I intended but its a step on the way. I need to think more about the concept before I start instead of just diving in. I’d really like to say more about me, the person I am, my dreams, possibly with a quirk of humour hidden among the…

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Self-portrait exploration

By Anita Murphy / May 23, 2010 /

pencil on paper The self portrait is an exercise that so many artists seem to undertake and much as has been written about the self-portrait. It is said of good portraits that they speak about the sitter in some way. I read recently that there is a bond between artist and his subject yet in…

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By Anita Murphy / May 12, 2010 /

Pastel on paper A small part of our household goods arrived last week including my pastels, some paints, panels and paper. Great delight to be reunited with them, followed by a more than a little trepidation and procrastination. There is only so much alternative living (where you do the alternative rather than doing what you…

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The Eyes have It

By Anita Murphy / May 5, 2010 /

Charcoal on Rives It’s been a while since I posted on this blog but 7 months of living in a hotel room was a little stifling of artistic inspiration. We are settled for the next three years in Frankfurt, Germany. Great sigh of relief to be back in Europe and out of harm’s way. Still…

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New Photo Blog

By Anita Murphy / January 1, 2010 /

I decided to set myself a project for the new year – though I wasn’t really sure what form it would take. The New Year dawned early for me, in time to catch the new dawn and with it came my idea of doing a photo a day blog and at the end of the…

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Shades of Autumn

By Anita Murphy / October 26, 2009 /

Benefits of being stalled in Washington is getting to experience autumn for the first time in several years. Amazing colours everywhere (enhanced by great sunglasses!) – dark reds, dusky pinks, brilliant oranges, acid yellows, purples and many shades of green from lime to darkest evergreens.

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Room with a View

By Anita Murphy / October 22, 2009 /

Its been a long time since I have posted anything – usual hiatus between postings when I am without my art materials. We are on the move – leaving Islamabad, Pakistan in early August and are currently in the States before going on to our new post. The extended stay in the States sent me…

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Recommended Show

By Anita Murphy / September 25, 2009 /

Landscape with a Modern Edge Group Show Opening Reception at the Newberry Gallery in Santa Monica Saturday Evening, Oct 17, 20097 – 10 pm Hefferlin, Fort Apache Reservation, 2009, oil on archival board Melissa HefferlinRobin Purcell William WrayDaud Akhriev Michael Newberry Cathey CadieuxDavid Scherrer Landscape with a Modern Edge is a show of paintings, watercolors,…

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Little Owl

By Anita Murphy / July 16, 2009 /

One of the few pleasures here has been the gardens – not only the beautiful trees and bamboo but also the birds that live there. There are dozens of kites (types of eagle/hawk) to be seen daily circling lazily in the sky or perched along the roof, the brilliant lime green parrots who seem to…

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By Anita Murphy / July 15, 2009 /

I haven’t posted anything for months – been in a hiatus. Working on tweaking a number of pieces by “warping the negative space” and finding the method extremely interesting. The Backboard is one piece that I have produced – somewhat more graphic than my previous pieces. I was drawn to the shadows and shapes here…

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