Vertical Limits – Charcoal

By Anita Murphy / May 24, 2009 /

I’ve been rather tied up with a lot of stuff lately but have been working away slowly at this charcoal – a version of Vertical Limits that I did in pastels when we were in Saudi Arabia. Its been nice getting back to the subtlety of tonal values.

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Seeing Red

By Anita Murphy / May 5, 2009 /

Still playing with the red paper and reflections in the glass topped table. Using red paper has been a real test for me, pushes your way of thinking way of center and away from what you thought stood true. I’ve just ordered some other coloured papers and it will be interesting to see how they…

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Shadowy Corners

By Anita Murphy / May 3, 2009 /

pastel on paperI have been in an artistic ditch for a while but hoping that is past now and that I am back into the groove.This was quite fun to do and I limited myself just to catching the way the light fell and not letting myself get too caught up in the extraneous details…

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Red Paper

By Anita Murphy / March 31, 2009 /

I haven’t posted for quite a while – suffering with daily headaches has dammed my artistic flow somewhat. I fell in love with some pastels that Michael Newberry did on red paper and as I had some in store its been kind of lurking out there that I might play with this a little. This…

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Rear View Mirror

By Anita Murphy / March 17, 2009 /

Core of a Rose, graphite on paper, 4″ x 4″ Its funny how when you look back at work you did years ago a lot of it makes you cringe but other pieces still feel right. This piece leaped out at me recently because I have been thinking about abstracts and expressionism increasingly. I have…

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By Anita Murphy / March 14, 2009 /

Had a great time early one morning when I arrived at work taking photos of these pansies. I think pansies are the most endearing flowers, they seem to have little faces. Pansies are typically only about 4 – 8 inches tall which meant grovelling at ground level on very heavily dew-laden grass (I had muddy…

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Jeanette in Watercolour

By Anita Murphy / March 12, 2009 /

My second try at Jeanette in watercolour (the first while I was happy with the my application of paint was not quite right proportionally) – I am a total novice with this medium and find its unpredictablity both delightful and confounding at the same time. This is only my third portrait in watercolour (the first…

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By Anita Murphy / March 10, 2009 /

As promised some spring photos – didn’t spend much time taking these, would have liked to have much longer but was lucky enough to catch the bumble bee making his rounds. The blossom is just about to come out on the citrus trees so there will be more pictures of that when it opens. I…

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By Anita Murphy / March 5, 2009 /

March’s offering to the portrait group to which I belong is a portrait of Jeanette, wonderful and talented artist, printmaker and maker of delicious jewellery. Not sure how much more I will do to this, maybe a little tweaking. Seeing it here I wonder if I have her nose at the right angle. Trying to…

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Finding a Path

By Anita Murphy / March 1, 2009 /

7ft x 4ft, ink on paper February was a bad month for me – shoulder injury stopped me in my creative tracks and I have been finding it hard to get back in the groove now that I have some mobility back. I am determined though that March will see me back in full production…

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