By Anita Murphy / February 2, 2009 /

pastel on paper I have mentioned several times recently my struggle with trees. Admittedly in paint and a desire to make a recognisable painterly tree. Today Jeff Smith posted these really wonderful trees on his blog in pastel.

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By Anita Murphy / February 1, 2009 /

I’ve had one of those really frustrating days – had a list made of things to do – managed to do two of them. HUGE pile of ironing done including all the sheets! And I ordered my supply of walnuts and brazil nuts from my favourite supplier. Apart from that nothing done on my list.…

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By Anita Murphy / January 31, 2009 /

Today was plein air day – I ummd and ahhd as to whether to go and was given the push by my husband. Had a lot of fun – time flies painting outside! I really wanted to try painting with a limited palette but I am not sure that I succeeded. I still had way…

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Colour Studies

By Anita Murphy / January 30, 2009 /

Colour studies, 3″ x 2″ I really begin to see the value of colour studies the more I do of these especially if you are wanting to become more painterly, as I am. By working small it reduces the amount of detail you can include. I like the idea of giving enough information to the…

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By Anita Murphy / January 29, 2009 /

Colour studies, average 3″ x 2″ Working on pulling together some ideas that have been bubbling – its going to mean a lot of experimentation and play in order to pull it off. Feeling a bit like stepping off the edge of a cliff as I am not sure how to even start. And I…

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By Anita Murphy / January 28, 2009 /

Acrylic on Panel. In rescuing files on my computer I found this image of a painting I did in my first year in University for a project called “Autobiography”. I’ve been reading on a couple of blogs about studies and it has echoed what I have been reading in books lately. Without exception they all…

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By Anita Murphy / January 27, 2009 /

Graphite on paper I belong to the same portrait group as Jeanette Jobson and she has recently posted her version of Rose. This is mine – I need to tweak the face a little and work on the hand. Bad photo!

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Orange and Black

By Anita Murphy / January 26, 2009 /

oil on canvas, 10″ x 10″ I’ve had a lovely day off today – didn’t accomplish as much as I had hoped but on your birthday its good just to chill a little! I have been really enjoying doing reflections so thought I would tackle this mug again. I thought lemons were hard to paint…

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Mixed Set-up

By Anita Murphy / January 25, 2009 /

Pastel on Paper Normally when I set up a still life I clear everything else out the way. I’m not sure why but I have seldom done a still life with multiple objects. Today I dared myself to just switch on the lamp and draw what was just sitting there. So here you have it.…

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Mt Vernon

By Anita Murphy / January 24, 2009 /

Summer of 2006, a trip to Mt Vernon. There is the most wonderful walled garden – a lovely haphazard garden with a beautiful orangery and this lovely little summer house.Doing a lot of homework for the ArtBiz course with Alyson Stansfield, assessing directions and options. Also reading an enormous amount on various blogs about marketing…

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