June and Another Month Gone and a New Blog

By Anita Murphy / June 9, 2011 /

So I haven’t posted for a month – great excuses coming up – new blog with just sketches on (so I have been posting, just not here), been on holiday for a week in Bavaria (gorgeous) and I have been preparing for a new piece coming up which is a bit like climbing a mountain!

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A Year? Already? Well, almost!

By Anita Murphy / May 18, 2011 /

“Pestle and Mortar”Charcoal on Paper I can’t believe it’s nearly a year since I last posted on here. I’ve been suffering from major loss of inspiration and drive but am determined to strap on my pencils/brushes/pastels, climb back into the saddle and face that blank paper/canvas. The only thing that I have done in the…

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Room with a View

By Anita Murphy / October 22, 2009 /

Its been a long time since I have posted anything – usual hiatus between postings when I am without my art materials. We are on the move – leaving Islamabad, Pakistan in early August and are currently in the States before going on to our new post. The extended stay in the States sent me…

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Recommended Show

By Anita Murphy / September 25, 2009 /

Landscape with a Modern Edge Group Show Opening Reception at the Newberry Gallery in Santa Monica Saturday Evening, Oct 17, 20097 – 10 pm Hefferlin, Fort Apache Reservation, 2009, oil on archival board Melissa HefferlinRobin Purcell William WrayDaud Akhriev Michael Newberry Cathey CadieuxDavid Scherrer Landscape with a Modern Edge is a show of paintings, watercolors,…

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By Anita Murphy / March 14, 2009 /

Had a great time early one morning when I arrived at work taking photos of these pansies. I think pansies are the most endearing flowers, they seem to have little faces. Pansies are typically only about 4 – 8 inches tall which meant grovelling at ground level on very heavily dew-laden grass (I had muddy…

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Finding a Path

By Anita Murphy / March 1, 2009 /

7ft x 4ft, ink on paper February was a bad month for me – shoulder injury stopped me in my creative tracks and I have been finding it hard to get back in the groove now that I have some mobility back. I am determined though that March will see me back in full production…

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By Anita Murphy / February 8, 2009 /

No art today – I’ve done something excruciatingly painful to my shoulder (the right one, my painting arm of course!) and now have my arm in a sling. I’d like to say that it was doing something extraordinary, but it wasn’t – just taking laundry out of the washing machine. My husband says I should…

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Christmas Memories

By Anita Murphy / December 24, 2008 /

Today is my son’s birthday – he is 22 today (I’m really not sure how he got to be that old because I swear I’m not much older!). I was thinking today about childhood memories of Christmas. As a child we always celebrated Christmas on Christmas Eve (my father was Danish and it is the…

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PB & J

By Anita Murphy / November 11, 2008 /

10″ x 10″ oil on canvas I have to admit that the mixture still does not appeal to me! I just cannot imaging what peanut butter and jelly would taste like together – I know I now have the ingredients and could try it but I just can’t bring myself to do it. I do…

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Piece of Apple

By Anita Murphy / November 9, 2008 /

My paints arrived on Friday! Spent a fun couple of hours with this apple. As usual I got way too tied up with the detail. I need to limit myself to big brushes – very hard to become detail oriented with big brushes. I’d like to thank Joe Lacorte who sent me a link to…

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