Collage, Completions and Tantrums

By Anita Murphy / March 21, 2021 /

Another topsy-turvy week this week. I had planned to do a lot on my website, did do some changes and added a page with the newest paintings on, but not the things that I intended to do which is add a shop for direct sales.  I am totally flummoxed by setting it up.  I have…

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Fiddly Week

By Anita Murphy / March 15, 2021 /

8th – 14th March, 2021 It has been a funny old week.  I haven’t really felt that I have done anything really major but I’ve been working on a whole bunch of smaller things.  I did however count up the work I have completed in the past year and am pleasantly surprised to find I…

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Inspiration Boards and AHA Moments

By Anita Murphy / March 7, 2021 /

Monday March 1st, 2021 Today is the first day of CVP for the year (Creative Visionary Programme) with Nicholas Wilton and his merry crew.  This is my second time taking the course.  Hoping to dig deeper this year and get a more nuanced view from the lessons.  First thing on the course is creating an…

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Finishing off a challenge

By Anita Murphy / February 28, 2021 /

Monday 22nd February I think I have finished the second stepping stones painting.  Using an old canvas for this one. Issues: Biting the bullet and actually painting over something that there is a slight attachment to. Really weird painting on canvas I again after wooden panels. Not sure I like it but I think I…

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Collage, Stones and Coding

By Anita Murphy / February 24, 2021 /

Monday 15th February 2021 I’ve been thinking about doing some collage work as a regular thing.  Maybe set myself a challenge of 100 pieces of collage compositions.  That seems doable.  Can too many challenges be too much of a good thing.  I already have three on the: of painting in blue, 60 days of painting…

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Dreams come true

By Anita Murphy / September 17, 2017 /

  Its been a week of amazing sales and new steps. Since I started back on this art adventure many years ago, it has been a dream to have work in a gallery. This week that dream came true.  In June I received an email on my Etsy shop asking me if I would like…

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A couple of days late – but I made it in the end

By Anita Murphy / September 10, 2017 /

Last week I vowed to write a blog post each week. I’m a little late, but I got here in the end. I’ve been thinking a lot about ceramics lately and specifically about decorating them.  Some of the pots I make have pictures painted on in glazes and that is how I started out transposing…

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Revive Your Blog

By Anita Murphy / September 1, 2017 /

I have been following Alyson Stanfield, Art Biz Coach, for years.  Recently she wrote an email about reviving your blog.  Her points were interesting on why you should do so. “1 – Blogging adds fresh content to your site” Logical – but also shows the directions your work may be taking.  My work is definitely…

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New Year, New Plans

By Anita Murphy / January 4, 2017 /

I’ve been back in England for the past 4 months and have discovered a new passion.  Painting ceramics.  I lurched into Christmas baubles and found that they were extremely well received and from that I have decided to give painted ceramics a go, alongside my paintings. I started with doing just a couple of dozen…

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Chasing Moonbeams

Chasing Moonbeams

By Anita Murphy / September 2, 2016 /

I’m quite enjoying flipping between different mediums and styles and am finding that it stops me from over thinking process on more “serious’ pieces. Another in the series of moonlit illustrations.  I love the shape of hares as they run, from the stretched out animal to the moment it takes the next racing step.  

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