Struggling with a still life, but at least I have it now on the canvas and ready to paint at the weekend. Evenings I’m doin this portrait – the last of my Marines. Really not happy with the eye and might have to redo that

Trying to be more focused. Robin is keeping on the straight and narrow and wont let me stray from art. Bless you Robin! Stocking up with supplies to take with us – paper of various kinds, watercolour, drawing and looking for some coloured ground too. My moleskine sketchpads arrived yesterday so now no excuse as to sketching. Have also ordered the watercolour version.

My quote for today
“Artists don’t get down to work until the pain of working is exceeded by the the paint of not working.” Stephen DeStaebler

I’m reading Art and Fear again. A little a day. I must get the Artist’s Way again (lent someone my copy and they kept it and funnily enough then wrote to tell me how they had borrowed this amazing book from someone and that I really should get a copy!

Food for thought – using contrasting colour.

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