A little bit further with this. Its beginning to appear out of the page which is something that always amazes me. It reminds a little of doing photography and when you slip the exposed paper into the developing fluid and then like magic the image starts to appear. First soft greys and then the tonal values build.

I’ve been thinking more about the comments I posted yesterday on painting a body of work on the same subject. I can see how that makes sense. Leading from that the more you paint something the better you are going to be at painting it – practice makes ……. no perfection is not what I want to say. Practice makes better! To quote Art and Fear

“Believing that artwork should be perfect, you gradually become convinced that you cannot make such work (You are correct.) Sooner or later, since you cannot do what you are trying to do, you quit.”

“So when you ask “Why doesn’t it come easily for me?” the answer is “Because making art is hard!” “

Oh and it can be SO hard!

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