One of the things I struggle with is style.  Are we tied to a style that we produce naturally or can we push ourselves to become something else?  I love loose splashy, abstracted paintings but I always seem to end up with tiny brushes in my hand adding detail.  Watercolour is allowing me to push myself to be a little looser though I am no where near where I want to be yet!  Trying to work in a series and build up a good portfolio of work is something else I have been trying to do lately.  I still dream of someday, maybe, being represented by a gallery.  We all need to dream!


While I was in England for four months over the spring and early summer, I took lots of photos to use a references for work once I came home.  I loved the dappled light created by the sun through the leaves of trees and the cast shadows.  I have always struggled a little with trees and with green, so these paintings have really challenged me to step out of my comfort zone.  Mixing blues with yellows and tube greens I created a colour sheet that gave me a real insight into the shades you can create.  Green is no longer my enemy!  Trees?  Maybe I am getting to grips with those too!

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