I finally got an photo of this to post on here. I’m not entirely happy with it but can’t figure out why its not quite right. I might play with it some more. If you comment please note that her adoring Grandmother looks at my blog! 🙂 The photo has come out much darker than the drawing.

Finding time here in Iowa to think more about art and trying to gather thoughts and make lists of directions I want to move in. I’ve been taken by an interest in architecture and particularly urban architecture which might make you laugh after my comment a couple of posts back about not wanting to be able to see my neighbours and a leaning towards a hermit like existance! Also as I think I said before, still life of seemingly unrelated objects.

Hoping to get out and do some plein aire sketching here – hope I can find some of the legendary barns of Iowa. Or maybe I will just do corn fields! Would also like to spend a day down on the Mighty Mississippi painting.

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