A few sketches

By Anita Murphy / October 25, 2006 /

“Don’t be afraid to take a big step. You can’t cross a chasm in 2 small jumps.”– David Lloyd George

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Drawing towards a goal

By Anita Murphy / October 12, 2006 /

I signed up with Michael Newberry’s mentorship programme and am really excited about the direction this is going to take my artwork. Having to think more about the why in what I am doing I hope will make the art more engaging. I do believe that work that the artist was excited about and was…

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Desert Ruins

By Anita Murphy / October 8, 2006 /
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Desert view

By Anita Murphy / September 30, 2006 /

So today I sneaked this photo while I was out on photography assignment for work. Its also pretty much my first view of what lies outside our compound. Maybe this next weekend I will wander out along the wadi and see what there is out there – apart from sand! Have started working on some…

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Diamonds in the sky

By Anita Murphy / September 27, 2006 /

Morning Shadows Noon shadows Afternoon Shadows

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Drumming my fingers

By Anita Murphy / September 25, 2006 /

I’m still waiting for my stuff to arrive and so am still not painting – I need to focus more and get out and sketch. I’ve been set a task to photograph some stuff for work so I am going to take the opportunity to photograph a bit more than I am supposed to! Shhh…

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By Anita Murphy / September 13, 2006 /

Someone left and left this door – not sure what they intended to do with it but I am thinking of making it into a dining table. The colours are more obvious than they appear here, ultramarine blue and burnt umber on the raw wood. My office looks out onto a little patio area with…

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One week on

By Anita Murphy / September 5, 2006 /

No art as yet though I fully intend to get down to it by the end of this week. Thinking a lot about interiors and also some still lifes. In our new home we have some interior angles that are very interesting and might lend themselves to some Hopperesque work. I am a little stumped…

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Sand, Sand and more Sand!

By Anita Murphy / September 1, 2006 /

Endless miles of brown sandy landscape. City of sandy brown houses.No photography allowed.Hot, Very Hot, VERY VERY HOT, dry, Very Dry, VERY VERY DRY.

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Sculptures and Monuments

By Anita Murphy / August 29, 2006 /

Today is our last day in DC – flying out tomorrow night. Next post will be from …………. “One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” Henry Miller

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