Composition and Learning

By Anita Murphy / July 11, 2006 /

We are very lucky to have Michael Newberry teaching a class on composition on the Drawing and Sketching Forum on WetCanvas! It is such a treat to have someone of his caliber to give us the benefit of his amazing talent. Composition is something I struggle with so I am hoping to learn a great…

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Beads and Sunglasses

By Anita Murphy / July 10, 2006 /

Two of the list for the July scavenger hunt on Wetcanvas. One of the advantages of being disorderly is that one is constantly makingexciting discoveries. A. A. Milne Creativity is a type of learning process where the teacher and pupil are located in the same individual. Arthur Koestler All children are artists. The problem is…

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Karen’s Dad

By Anita Murphy / July 3, 2006 /

My boss asked me to do a portrait of her dad. Ordinarily I insist on taking my own reference shots but he died a long time ago, so that was out of the question. She picked a wedding photo of hers! This is the result – I’m pleased with it – I hope she is…

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By Anita Murphy / June 28, 2006 /

My boss is leaving this week, its that time of year when we are all moving around in my little world. So the other two girls in the software section and I decided we would buy him a book on Mexico – coffee table type of book. We found a fabulous one, full of everything…

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Which medium?

By Anita Murphy / June 23, 2006 /

“The dilemma every artist confronts, again and again, is when to stick with familiar tools and materials and when to reach out and embrace those that offer new possibilities…….” Art and Fear I want to try everything – according to Art and Fear I am in the young artist phase and its as I become…

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What have you done today?

By Anita Murphy / June 21, 2006 /

I look into the window of my mindReflections of the fears I know I’ve left behindI step out of the ordinaryI can feel my soul ascendingI’m on my wayCan’t stop me now and you can do the sameWhat have you done today to make you feel proudIts never to late to tryWhat have you done…

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Not another Portrait!!!

By Anita Murphy / June 19, 2006 /

I really don’t intend to become a portrait artist. But it seems its all I do right now. I have a painting on my easel and cannot finish it because the portraits keep getting in the way! Having said that if I could ever master portraits in colour I would be very happy. For some…

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Smoked Salmon Sandwich and Mango Frappucino

By Anita Murphy / June 16, 2006 /

Wonderful colour of Mango Frappucino and the pink of salmon rolled mixed with the green of lettuce – I’ve scarcely done it credit! Setting goals – I am trying to set myself some achievable goals together with Robin. The infamous body of work still sits there wanting consideration and now we are also trying to…

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Portrait – a step further

By Anita Murphy / June 11, 2006 /

Need to do more work on darkening the skin tones in comparison with the uniform – even though he has very pale skin I think it could do with some more tonal values. In the photo I used for this he was wearing a tank top/vest and I really didn’t like the way it looked…

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The best of this weeks sketches

By Anita Murphy / June 10, 2006 /

The best of this weeks sketches.

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