Mt Vernon and Georgetown, DC

By Anita Murphy / August 27, 2006 /

Its been a busy week. Judi and Robin from WetCanvas came to DC to meet me and we have spent four days together. Wonderful to meet them both and its been an art extravaganza and even though we all religiously carried our sketchbooks everywhere we went, we didn’t do any drawing at all! Thursday we…

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Textures and Reflections

By Anita Murphy / August 25, 2006 /
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By Anita Murphy / August 21, 2006 /

The view from our hotel is limited but infinte as we look straight out at another builidng but in that buildings windows are others reflected.

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Portrait from Iowa

By Anita Murphy / August 11, 2006 /

I finally got an photo of this to post on here. I’m not entirely happy with it but can’t figure out why its not quite right. I might play with it some more. If you comment please note that her adoring Grandmother looks at my blog! 🙂 The photo has come out much darker than…

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The next stage

By Anita Murphy / August 9, 2006 /

I’ve had trouble getting to the internet to post the next stage of our journey. NO art work this week as I was totally uninspired by anything – oh except the second portrait for the wetcanvas class but I forgot to photo that to put on here. Doh! So we had four days at the…

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On the move

By Anita Murphy / August 2, 2006 /

Its been too long! We left Mexico City a week ago tomorrow. Wednesday was filled with tearful goodbyes. We had a wonderful two years there and it was sad to leave. We flew out to Dallas and I managed a couple of sketches – one of fellow travellers on the plane from Mexico City to…

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Windows, Windows, more Windows

By Anita Murphy / July 23, 2006 /

Sketched this from my living room window as I watched the moving guys pack up all our worldly possessions!

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More Composition

By Anita Murphy / July 21, 2006 /

Drawing has been limited due to being in the middle of packing to move. Did manage to get this composition thumbnail done that I think has distinct possibilities. Michael said it needs a window or frame to break up the large wall, which is interesting as I had one there and took it out! I…

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Compositional Corners

By Anita Murphy / July 14, 2006 /

Beginning to get the hang of Michael’s composition tricks. These are two of my more successful compositional thumbnails. “A wonderful harmony arises from joining together the seemingly unconnected.”Heraclitus This quote struck a particular chord with me – especially at the moment when working on this composition class and trying to find interesting objects to group…

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Hat, Guitar, Chair and Cat

By Anita Murphy / July 12, 2006 /

Todays quartet for the scavenger hunt. Graphitint pencils and Faber Castell sepia pen. I really like the way the graphitints work – the colours are very subtle used by themselves but add the water and they spring to life! Trying to work more on composition. The idea of making interesting shapes in corners and having…

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